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"The Constitution...the sole source and guaranty of national freedom." - President Calvin Coolidge, 1924


Unique in Missouri, The Constitutional Coalition addresses vital contemporary topics from a constitutional perspective. Government, taxes, national defense, education, family needs, property rights, environmental and other issues that impact every citizen of the state are researched and then presented in an understandable format.


2014 Election Voter Guide

The way a nation's citizenry views itself affects the way it behaves. If citizens are unaware of their godly heritage, it is virtually impossible to pursue policies that strengthen and protect society and improve our general tranquility. The more thoroughly we study our roots, the better equipped we are to solve today's challenges.

WHO WE ARE: The Constitutional Coalition is a tax-exempt educational and research organization that does not endorse candidates or parties. It is non-partisan and looks at issues through the perspective of the Missouri and United States Constitutions and other founding documents. It receives no government money and depends on individual contributions. An executive director - assisted by volunteers and experts in issue research, conferences, and organizational activities - conducts ongoing operations.